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.. www.norpike.freeservers.com A group of fishing friends who have several enjoyable planning meetings for every "Great White North" pike fishing trip to Quebec, Canada. Bill Schipilow bschipilow@auracom.com
.. http://www.completeangler.co.uk/linkshome.htm Fishing in U.K. for pike. Ian Wakeford ian.wakeford@virgin.net
.. http://websites.ntl.com/~paul.temple/ A group specializing in pike fishing in the central Scotland area of the U.K.. Paul Temple paul.temple@net.ntl.com
.. http://www.vitinc.com/nn/clubs/fh/fishh.html The Fish Hawks Club of New Jersey, U.S.A. One of the largest and most active fishing clubs in New Jersey. Fish Hawks Club of New Jersey etd@vitinc.com
.. www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~testar/pike/pike1a.htm Fishing in England and Whales. This site is dedicated to the beautiful pike. This site will be of use to many. Mike and Pete testar@globalnet.co.uk
.. http://rjvmac.econ.vt.edu/public/funstuff/pike.html Pike fishing as a 'pleasant diversion' for a group of friends in Virginia, U.S.A. and who take yearly trips to Ontario, Canada for pike. Randal J. Verbrugge rverbrug@vt.edu
.. http://www.keithfishing.co.uk An avid pike fisherman and friends who do their fishing in the United Kingdom. Keith Culley keith@fishinguk.com
.. Dermot will be travelling to USA to the Lake Michigan area. Anyone with hints for Dermot as to the pike fishing in this area and tackle and lures used Dermot would greatly be appreciated. Contact Dermot. A pike fisherman wanting some information about the Lake Michigan, Detroit, USA area. Dermot Hill dermot.hill@net.ntl.com

Webmaster: B. Schipilow, 17 Canterbury St., Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, B2Y-1S8. bschipilow@norpike.freeservers.com